Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby Shower Invites

It's been a full month since the baby shower and I still have yet to show the fun invitations I made :) 
I love being creative so anything that allows me to make things from nothing Im obsessed with! When you take your time to make something with your own hands it means so much more to me, I feel a personal connection with anything I create. So when I found out my cousin was having a little girl I knew I had to make the invitations. I know one day in the far away future she will look back and love that her baby shower invites were handmade just for her and that thought puts the biggest smile on my face. + my cousin is my awesome assistant and I would do anything for her because she helps me sooo much!!! ♥

Here are the Invites!! + the onesie I made for a game we played (she knew it was mine right away!) 

***ps: my cousin might be having her baby girl this weekend!!

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