Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby Shower Invites

It's been a full month since the baby shower and I still have yet to show the fun invitations I made :) 
I love being creative so anything that allows me to make things from nothing Im obsessed with! When you take your time to make something with your own hands it means so much more to me, I feel a personal connection with anything I create. So when I found out my cousin was having a little girl I knew I had to make the invitations. I know one day in the far away future she will look back and love that her baby shower invites were handmade just for her and that thought puts the biggest smile on my face. + my cousin is my awesome assistant and I would do anything for her because she helps me sooo much!!! ♥

Here are the Invites!! + the onesie I made for a game we played (she knew it was mine right away!) 

***ps: my cousin might be having her baby girl this weekend!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Behind The Scenes

A few weeks ago I did a Photoshoot with an amazing photography team-Prestigefoto and a super cute model who is new to california- Autumn Moore. We shot in Oceanside, Ca at the Beach which is actually my hometown and where I still currently reside.

We did the ad campaign shoot with 2 of my clutches which will be released soon on my Etsy :)

The clothes we shot were from my Summer 11 Collection. While shooting one outfit we had the most horrible heckler trash talking my model. I dislike negativity so I said to the lady "Its fine your a hater, but if this professional shoot is bothering you so much just walk away"
I dont understand why she had to bash my model because her boyfriend was standing where we were shooting. She obviously has unhappiness in her heart and I hope she figures that out soon.

Ok so now! :)
Enjoy a few behind the scenes shots: 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

May*Star's Fashion Whore

Maystar is the go to fashion girl. She throws these dance party/fashion shows on the first saturday of every month in San Diego at the Ruby Room. Its a super fun time with the most incredible indie designers showcasing their work.

I had been hearing about these parties and seeing my peers participating, I couldn't wait to get my chance to be a part of the runway show!

I had finally worked up the nerve to ask her if she was still looking for designers and was committed to do anything I could to be apart of the show on July 2nd.

I had the most amazing expierence and would love to do it again!!!

I have to say Thanks to:
*Maystar! without her none of this would of happened.
*Zulema Reyes & Danielle Verde the MUA's that made my girls look awesome!  
*Photographers: Dominick Valentic, Rocky Forguson, Firegrille Interactive Media, & Dmitry Word Photography. Without you guys  I would not have all these great shots!!

A special thank you to all my gorgeous models who really brought Leo Lynn Designs to LIFE!
** Sarah Day, Jessica Noel-Lopez, Cynthia "Boo" Sorrell, Brielle Noland, Labrea Brown, Chelsea Comey, Tandy Lindsay.