Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6th year Anniversary of Fashion Whore!

I had been hearing about Maystar and her fashion shows since I was a student just learning how to design I always thought it would be extremely cool to be one of the designers at  the show but unfortunately you had to be 21 and I was fresh from high school just starting to learn my trade.

I finally got the chance to be apart of her July Show and quickly fell in love with the atmosphere! I was so nervous participating in my first show. Being around everyone involved in the industry was intimidating but also exhilarating there were makeup artists over here and hair stylists over there and everyone asking how do you like the hair or makeup because they want to help your vision come to life. Once the glam squads were done it was time to mingle with all the photographers around, passing out business cards and collecting them so you can get all the photos taken from that night! Then you finally get to see your show come to life on the runway. Its an amazing feeling!!

So of course I was extremely excited to be apart of the 6th year anniversary of Maystar's Fashion whore, it didn't matter to me I had another show the night before and  even though I knew I would be extremely tired saying no to Maystar never crossed my mind. I always make amazing connections at her show.  Everyone does the show out of love for what they do. They are some of the most passionate people Ive ever met. I can't wait for the people I've met to become masters in their industry.

Here some shots from the night: