Friday, April 22, 2011

Trying to Stay Positive.

Wow. The last 2 days have been unimaginable in the worst kind of way.

 First I come into work Wednesday Morning to find out someone overheard something I said and took it in the most negative way possible and twisted the story and told the boss... I got yelled at. Bad. She threatened to fire me, but the only thing that made me upset, she never gave me a chance to explain what I had said. I never would say anything bad about another crafters work. Its amazing creating something from nothing why would I put that down?! As someone who sews, draws, and does all kinds of crafts in general. I know how much work gets put into it. I respect each and every person who channels their energy into something creative.

Second I find out someone got my bank card number and had been trying to charge ridiculous amounts of money at random places in OHIO! (I live in Southern California) WHAT!!?? my thoughts exactly... so as Im finding this information out I was driving and BAM!!! Something just hit my windshield.. it was so loud I screamed in the poor guys ear :(  then I notice... spiderwebb crack bad! man..

Thursday Morning I wake up and see how bad the crack is spreading and decide I need to replace it. I call around and find the cheapest place and got the windshield ordered so friday morning I can get a new windshield and leave wednesday behind me! I go to happy hour to have a good time and after that I stopped by a friends house, there an hour at the most and came out to my car to only find it had been broken into. :(

I had to get my passenger side window replaced, I will get my windshield replaced in 2 weeks, I have a new bank card ordered. (and Ive learned not to say too much at work)

I am thankful I got everything taking care of, now time to move forward. :)  The devil is really trying to bring me down because something great is around the corner. so keep throwing things at me I will win I got big guns upstairs on my side.