Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Studio Haps

Black Pleather w/ Red Snakeskin
& Black Satin By Leo Lynn
Its been super busy around here!! Leo Lynn is going to be in a Fashion Show on July 2nd as well as a photoshoot for my clutches to start an ad campaign!

Among all the mayhem in making some new pieces: clothing and clutches: for the runway show, Im doing a few things for my assistant/cousin's baby shower, and I decided I hated my studio and wanted to move all but 2 pieces of furniture around.

After the baby shower on the 26th Ill post the invites, favors, and cake Im making.. but mom-to-be reads this so I can't give anything away!!

I am so glad I changed my studio around! It magically seems bigger!! So much working space!!

Here's a few shots of whats been going on!

Me getting ready for the change!
My Adorable Nephew Michelangelo
showing off all the space

Patternmaking with Coffee Always a must!

Sneak Peek!! :)
Bright Colors!
Cool Buttons & Awesome Zippers!!
 Stay Tuned for more info about The fashion show! I hope to see you all there!! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am always, always researching the web for inspiration in any form, or to learn something new. I kept hearing about this pinterest website... and when I finally checked it out I was ADDICTED! I waited impatiently to get my very own url.. and once I got that email, I have spent every free chance looking thru all the wonderful images already pinned. I also try to keep up with the images I find that I love so much I have to save. If you wanna check out my Boards Click on this link --> Leo Lynn's Pinterest

p.s. Stay tuned! I have a bunch of new posts on all the work being done in my studio for my summer11 collection! :) a photoshoot, and a fashion show!! :)