Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6th year Anniversary of Fashion Whore!

I had been hearing about Maystar and her fashion shows since I was a student just learning how to design I always thought it would be extremely cool to be one of the designers at  the show but unfortunately you had to be 21 and I was fresh from high school just starting to learn my trade.

I finally got the chance to be apart of her July Show and quickly fell in love with the atmosphere! I was so nervous participating in my first show. Being around everyone involved in the industry was intimidating but also exhilarating there were makeup artists over here and hair stylists over there and everyone asking how do you like the hair or makeup because they want to help your vision come to life. Once the glam squads were done it was time to mingle with all the photographers around, passing out business cards and collecting them so you can get all the photos taken from that night! Then you finally get to see your show come to life on the runway. Its an amazing feeling!!

So of course I was extremely excited to be apart of the 6th year anniversary of Maystar's Fashion whore, it didn't matter to me I had another show the night before and  even though I knew I would be extremely tired saying no to Maystar never crossed my mind. I always make amazing connections at her show.  Everyone does the show out of love for what they do. They are some of the most passionate people Ive ever met. I can't wait for the people I've met to become masters in their industry.

Here some shots from the night:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Primp's Charity Fashion Show

Last year I had the opportunity to join a charity fashion show hosted by Primp Boutique held at Bar West in PB. It was super fun and the models were awesome! I loved doing this event because its a bunch of women putting it together and the proceeds always go to a charity. :) This time around we had Sinsay fitography documenting the whole night. Special thanks to Shoes Me for providing all the shoes for the show!  Enjoy a video and some shots from the night.

Primp Boutique Fashion Show from TJ Sinsay on Vimeo.

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Sketch for E! online contest :D

Late last year I enter a contest for E! Online and Adrianna Papell. The top 5 get their dress made and the winner has their design worn at a Red Carpet Event. Although I had quite a few votes I was not in the top 5, however, It was a great opportunity for all the designers involved. : ) I am grateful for the chance to get my designs out there.Thank you if you voted for me!! you guys were a huge support!! I can't express how much I appreciate each one of you that shared links on facebook and clicked that vote button everyday!! I know there are many more opportunities coming my way! I am so happy to have all of you on my team. I cant wait to keep updating this little blog with all the adventures I'm experiencing on this journey. I know one day this will all seem so simple and I love being able to share the ups and downs as I try to make my dreams come true.

Here is the sketch I entered into the contest. I'd love some feedback!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

♥ Very First Giveaway EVER!!! I'm Excited!!!

You can enter until Midnight February 4th! (only USA residents.)                                                

All you have to tell me is your go to fashion essential for a night out on the town, What item gives you that extra confidence that you cannot live with out?!?! Please inlcude your email so I can notify the winners!!

Were picking 3 winners using an online drawing program (picking names out of a hat-type deal)

To Enter do one or all three of the following:

-Subscribe to the Blog! Tell me what you love in a comment, or link the giveaway in a post!

-Like my Facebook page! Update your status with your go to item and tag Leo Lynn's Page!

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Here's What You Could WIN!!!

**1st place Wins Leo Lynn's Heart Red Party Dress! Perfect for your Valentine's Date!
Made with stretch jersey and lace sleeves! Fits Sizes S-M

PS- Leo Lynn's Royal Blue Party Dress will be featured in a Magazine!

***2nd & 3rd will pick from these 2 pink heart one of a kind purses! There is a lot of space on the inside with an open welt pocket for items you need to grab quickly (Iphone, Keys Etc) and a Zipper pocket for keeping personal items seperate.

Can't Wait to hear what you have to say!! :) Thanks for all the support and I wish you the best!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The morning of New Year's Eve a friend took me to this gorgeous cliff with the most amazing view. What a wonderful start to what will be a great year for me professionally and personally. I immediately had to take out the trusty IPhone and take some pictures. One of my Goals this year is to really appreciate the world around me, because not everyone gets to take a walk on the beach at the end of December wearing Flip Flops ;) I'm spoiled I know.

I made some new friends and participated in 4 fashion shows! I grew as a designer, seamstress, and pattern maker. 2011 was the year to get my name out there, to network, to develop my design aesthetic, to set the foundation for whats going to be an incredible life journey. I am grateful for every opportunity and humbled by every compliment. Thank you for an awesome year! I'm ready to make 2012 even BETTER! 

I have BIG plans for this year, so many things I want to accomplish, so many things already in the works I want to focus my blogging on staying in the moment to realize how blessed I am and how much I have already accomplished on my journey. I want to share a little more about my personal life and the opportunities I'm given as a fashion designer. 

In April I will have a few pieces in a local art magazine! I am planning a photo shoot for my look book, that means I will finally be listing clothing on my ETSY!!!!

Also, Just because I think you are wonderful I am hosting a giveaway for Valentine's Day!! On Saturday I will post the blog featuring the items, and how you can win them!!! 

(sorry this is wayyyy late but better late than never!! ♥)