Monday, January 17, 2011

Long but Fun Day

Yesterday I had my friend/photographer Sarah come to my house and shoot a few of the pieces Ive already made since were both in the process of getting our websites set up and portfolios put together it was a win win.

I live in the city in the middle of nowhere. but really theres a quaint forest in my backyard. we had some fun shooting the "belle" (beauty and the beast) dress. I fell, she fell, but we hiked our way down to some hard to reach areas and got some beautiful shots. I was joking around and said lets call these shots "lost beauty"she thinks im deep. I think shes crazy! :) S had me standing on loose rocks in the middle of a stream- wearing 4 1/2" platform heels.

We had outfit changes and location changes, but so far these are the shots she sent me :)

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