Friday, January 7, 2011


As a fashion designer I get inspiration from everywhere.
I found these shoes and instantly thought.. lets do a superhero collection, but I didnt want it to be obvious. I wanted to be a little secretive. dark colors with bits of brighter colors. hidden pockets, and a mix of textures.

As I thought a little more, and dug further into research (finding inspiration, stories etc..) I became really obessed over female spies in the civil war era.

Pauline Cushman was an actress who became a spy, captured by the enemy and got away and finished out her life. or "The Rebel Rose" Rose Greenhow whose story is filled with intrigue, love, and tradegy a "celebrity" spy in her own right. These Woman would charm information out of the men, then pass along notes hidden in there clothes, or sewn into silk which was then tied into their hair. Sneaky Sneaky!

So what started out as a superhero collection has now turned into a spy collection. I cant wait to share my sketches for my AW11 Line but for now Ill leave you with a few inspiration Pictures.

 Josephine Baker  American-born dancer, singer, and actress who became a French Spy

Pauline Cushman

Marlene Dietrich

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