Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Story Behind My "Belle" Costume

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I love when people get super creative and have a one of kind out of the box Halloween costume that will make me chuckle; thinking, hey that was pretty clever!

Since Halloween is right around the corner I thought I'd share my experience in making my costume last year. I had tried on several different kinds princesses, pirates, fairies.. I didn't really like ANYTHING! (I am incredible picky and always think I can do it better) It came down to the week right before Halloween My lovely cousin/assistant who came on the multiple trips to the Halloween stores with me, looked me in the eye and exclaimed "why don't you just make your own!!" well of course the thought had crossed my mind, but for some reason or another I never really considered it. I thought well maybe I could, but I would wanna do it right, and having a week deadline was my biggest concern. After continuous reassurance from my cousin, I finally said OK!

Since the age of  6 seeing all my friends in pretty matching Disney princess gowns always inspired me to make my own! I've always wanted to be "Belle" from Beauty in the Beast! She is my most favorite princess and I have been obsessed with her golden (because yellow sounds to plain!) gown for years!

 I had a super fun time making it and it's still one of favorite pieces. I don't think Ill ever be able to part with it!  I made it with a golden ( crepe back satin, gold glitter tulle, yellow ribbon and gold chain. I put the gold chain on the front and back princess seams and criss crossed the chain in the back. I put 12 gold grommets in each bow on the gathered bottom panels. I made a detachable belt which ties into a huge bow in the back. Its amazing. I love it!!

If you ever made your own costume I'd love to hear your stories!!! Leave me a comment!

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